coffee is first-rate on its very own, but having coffee with some thing else – like a dessert – is simply heavenly. The taste of espresso is going nicely with many things – like cookies (which can be remarkable for dunking), coffee cakes, constantly with some thing chocolate (that is a classic taste combination) or each pie.

all people has their personal special recipe for his or her favorite form of pie. Of path, there are all varieties of pies, such as lemon meringue, peach, cherry, pecan, pumpkin… I could go on for all time. evidently each type of fruit has been made right into a pie at a while or other. but there is also my favourite – apple pie. And, no-one makes it better than my mom. For the ones of you who’ve no longer been lucky sufficient to taste this sweet, cinnamon-y goodness, i am consisting of the recipe here. This pie isn’t that tough to grasp and as soon as you have got made it, you are positive to feature it on your favorites listing as well.

Make this pie and have a beneficiant slice with your subsequent cup of coffee, with a bit of luck in a unique coffee mug this is personalized for your own hobbies. special mugs or cups that reflect your very own lifestyles make taking part in your coffee and pie second that much more satisfying. i hope you experience this pie as a great deal as I do.

mother’s Apple Pie


2 ½ cups flour

2 TBSP. white sugar

five TBSP. bloodless water (about)

2/three cups shortening

1 tsp. salt

1 lb. bag of firm cooking apples (undercover agent, granny smiths, and many others.)

2 TBSP. + 2 TBSP. cinnamon

2 TBSP. + 3 TBSP. white sugar

2 TBSP. cornstarch

Egg Wash -made up of 1 beaten egg + small quantity of water

Sugar to sprinkle on pinnacle

Preheat the oven to 450 F.

measure all pastry components, except water into meals processor. Pulse some instances until mixture is the size of small peas. thru top, upload simply enough cold water till dough paperwork a ball. (Do no longer over-mixture or pastry might be tough.) reduce dough in about thirds- two-thirds can be used for the bottom crust, and one-third for top. Roll out two-thirds of dough on lightly floured surface and line a pie plated with dough. Sprinkle 2 TBSP. cinnamon and a pair of TBSP. sugar on bottom of crust. Peel apples and slice and region in pie crust. Sprinkle corn starch over apples, then 2 TBSP. cinnamon and three TBSP. white sugar. Roll out dough for pinnacle crust and spread over pie.

Crimp edges to seal. Brush egg wash over pinnacle crust and sprinkle with a little white sugar. reduce vent holes in pinnacle of crust with a sharp knife.

Bake for 1 hour 15 mins.



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